Michael Douglas and Katherine Zeta-Jones Share Their Secret To Their Successful Marriage

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June 23, 2018

After 17 years of marriage, Michael Douglas and Catherine Zeta-Jones have not lost the love.

On Thursday night, the Hollywood power couple happily posed together at a screening for the 48-year-old celebrity’s upcoming Lifetime movie, Cocaine Godmother, The Griselda Blanco Story, in New York City. Zeta-Jones rocked a black jumpsuit that matched Douglas’ all-black outfit.

ET had to know the secret of the couple to being married for almost 20 years. Zeta-Jones replied. “I think understanding, listening, being friends, all helps,” she shared. “It has been a fantastic 17 years.”

Douglas went on to discuss why he believes he and Zeta-Jones have a happy, successful marriage. “I presume mutual esteem,” he said. “I admire Catherine so much and in so many ways — as a mother, as an actress, and now as a business woman.”

It is apparent Douglas is a proud husband since he could not stop gushing over his wife’s intense role in Cocaine Grandmother, which airs January 20, on Lifetime.

It is a great part for her and she kills it. She had a lot of fun doing serious acting. I don’t understand where it came from!”

The pair has had some ups and downs in their union — such as when they briefly separated in 2013 — but in an exclusive interview with ET in January 2016, Douglas explained that the highlight of his life in the entertainment sector was when he had been introduced into Zeta-Jones.

“This was the best memory I obtained.”

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